Commercial Property Development

Phase 2 Atlantic

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Task: Architecture Design Production Development Quality Assurance Planning Building
Skills: Planning Bricklaying Glazing Cladding Foundation Heavy Plant Steel work Roofing Electrical
Phase 2: Atlantic gate

Phase 2 Atlantic Point consists of performing ground works clearing the site ready for development of commercial units to be sold to Businesses and investors. Phase 2 are not be structurly capable of supporting first floor. All Phases are to be uniform in look and environmental performance.

Phase 2 foundation excavated, left to cure and is now ready for steel work to begin.

mark out area for excavating
foundation anchor point read for pouring concrete
foundation complete and ready for steel frame assembly

A similar build / construction process happens here

  • steel is delivered and the frame work is assembled. (Many issues faced in Phase 1 were avoided here)
organise and place the steel in position
position the steel sections
phase 2, atlantic point, steel frame finished
  • Roof cladding completes shortly after framework is double checked
  • Side cladding gathers pace ready for the window installers to arrive
outer skin and roof started
phase 2 atlantic point nears completion
roof completed sides half completed
side cladding completed
outside shot of phase 2
  • Floor insulation is added
  • Steel work ready for pouring concrete
floor insulation added prior to pouring concrete
steel reinforcement added prior to concrete pouring
pouring completed, the flattening of the floor is nearly complete